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Calm Focus Mushroom Tincture

Calm Focus Mushroom Tincture

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Calm Focus (Lemon Balm herb and Lion’s Mane mushroom) We combined Lion’s Mane mushroom with Lemon Balm herb to create a beautiful blend of wellness tincture. Lion’s Mane adds cognitive support and brain health properties, potentially enhancing memory, focus and mental clarity. Lemon balm adds its calming and stress relieving effects, promoting relaxation and aiding in anxiety reduction. Together this combination creates a melody of calming influence, a well rounded support for both mental well-being and stress management.
  • Dual Extraction
  • 100% Fruiting Body
  • Hand Selected For Quality
  • Made in Oregon

  • *Warning Contains Alcohol (25-30%)
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    Why Calm Focus?

    The Calm Focus tincture, blending Lion's Mane mushrooms and Lemon Balm, offers a unique combination that may support mental clarity and relaxation. Lion's Mane is known for its potential cognitive benefits, possibly enhancing memory and focus, while Lemon Balm is often used for its calming properties, which might help reduce stress and anxiety. This synergistic mix could be ideal for those seeking improved concentration and a calm state of mind.
    Nervous System

    Active Compounds

    These compounds are thought to contribute to the mushroom's neuroprotective and immune-boosting effects.