Our Story


Welcome to the heart of my story

From my earliest days, I found peace, joy, and self-reflection through my time spent in nature. Growing up in the countryside of the Pacific Northwest, my siblings and I spent endless hours exploring the woods, building forts, and foraging what we knew to be edible. Eventually, I grew up and created a family of my own. I shared the same love of nature with my children as we moved through life. Several years ago we ventured into foraging mushrooms, which is where my research into the health benefits of fungi began. 

Living a healthy lifestyle has always been my mantra, but as the years passed, the unavoidable process of aging became a reality. I knew that I needed to supplement and support my body as I aged, and wanted this process in a natural and holistic way. I did countless hours of research into functional mushroom supplements and their medicinal properties. What I discovered was a market flooded with options, but disappointingly, most fell short of the quality and purity I wanted. At that point, I became driven towards a personal mission to create my own supplements. I wanted them for my own wellness and longevity, as well as to share the health benefits with family and friends. That is where my journey into making handcrafted tinctures was born.

Handcrafted in Oregon


For the following year, I was both creator and consumer of these tinctures, experiencing remarkable results. More energy, heightened mental clarity, better ability to indulge into deep content and conversations, and above all, a profound sense of joy. I also had several targeted age related issues that completely disappeared after 5 months of daily supplementation. These changes were not just physical but transformative on a deeply personal level.

As I shared my tinctures with those around me, family, friends, coworkers, and curious neighbors, I became overwhelmed with reports and feedback of positive changes. Through word of mouth, a community began to form. Encouraged by the life-changing stories pouring in, and with the support of my family, the decision to turn this passion into a business became clear. At SunsUp Mushrooms, we are dedicated to crafting quality tinctures that enhance health and well-being and bring a touch of nature's magic into your life.

Made With YOU in Mind